Outside Fires!

As the nights are getting cooler and the urge to have outside fires is getting stronger please remember the following rules.

The burning of yard waste is prohibited. Smoke from open burning, embers, and stray sparks can cause damage to property, health issues, and be a nuisance. Approved portable outdoor fireplaces are permitted for use. Outdoor fire places shall be used according to the manufactures instructions and shall not be operated within 15 feet of a structure or combustible material. Portable outdoor fireplaces shall be constantly attended until the fire is extinguished. There shall be on site fire extinguishing equipment such as a fire extinguisher, garden hose, sand, or dirt readily available. In the event the burning in an outdoor fire place becomes a nuisance the fire department, police department, and fire marshal’s office are authorized to have the fire extinguished. To notify authorities of prohibited burning or a nuisance dial 911.

From: Lower Southampton Township Office of the Fire Marshal and the Lower Southampton Fire Department.

Please be safe and enjoy.