Pa. Fire Departments in Crisis-Volunteer Numbers Drop

We at LSFD welcome any new member. Stop in any Monday or Thursday evening (7 pm to 9 pm) and see what we offer. Applications are available on our website under the download tab. Print one out, fill it out and stop in and drop it off.
We look forward to meeting you.

Pennsylvania Office of the State Fire Commissioner

FACT: In 1970, there were more than 300,000 volunteer firefighters in Pennsylvania. Today, there are about 36,000.

The Pennsylvania Office of the State Fire Commissioner is playing an important role in identifying and addressing some of the key factors responsible for the volunteer shortage.

We’re always thrilled to see young volunteers, like those featured in this piece⤵️, showing up in our communities’ fire departments. We encourage young Pennsylvanians to visit local fire companies to learn what they do and how to help!