Rescue 6 SOLD December 2018

Unit : Rescue 6 SOLD
Year : 2002
Model : Pierce Quantum 

Rescue 6 has seating for six. This truck is a multifunction truck with Engine & Rescue capabilities. The trucks engine capabilities comprises of 750 gallons of water and a 40 gallon Class "A" foam tank with a top mount 2000gpm pump. The truck has four attack lines for fighting all types of fires from 100ft to 400ft, as well as a mid-mounted monitor for defensive attacks. This truck also carries 5” and 3” hose for supplying the truck with water. The truck also carries ladders and 4 saws. The trucks Rescue side has the capability to do auto rescue with a pre-connected Amkus spreader and cutter, a portable hydraulic generator to power 2 more tools along with a variety of cribbing and 4 Resqu-jack struts. The Rescue carries airbags for lifting heavy objects, and a torch for cutting. The Rescue also carries equipment for low & high angle rope rescue, structural collapse equipment, confined space equipment, hazardous material spills, RIT (rapid intervention team) equipment and MIC. Man in Machine equipment and hand tools are stored in tool boxes as well. The rescue also has EMS equipment & AED (automatic external defibrillator). This truck runs first out on all types of rescue calls and 2nd out on structural fires.